Our locks are now even more connected and smarter than ever. With DualDoor™ Technology you can effortlessly operate both the Yale Unity Security Screen Door Lock with ANY Yale Smart Lock with a single command when paired with the Yale Connect Plus Bridge. Unlock both your security screen and entrance door lock with a single touch. 

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Deal ends 18th April 2024

A unique differentiator; DualDoor™ Technology offers the convenience to seamlessly manage a door entry without carrying keys. With a single command, you can operate the Yale Unity® Security Screen Door Lock with any Yale Smart Lock in an automatic sequence.

How It Works

DualDoor™ Technology is enabled when the Yale Connect Plus Bridge is paired with both your Yale Unity Screen Door Lock and Yale Smart Entrance Lock. The technology is then activated, creating the ability to seamlessly unlock/lock both products in an automatic sequence. 

All Yale Smart Entrance Locks are compatible with the DualDoor™ technology feature, opening up a world of design choices to suit any living space.

Compatible Products*